Young Women's LWML Representative
  • Young Women's Representative Information Form
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    Young Woman Representative Information  


    1. Any mature woman who is a member of a Montana District LCMS congregation may become a Young Woman Representative (YWR) at a national LWML convention. She must be 22 to 35 years old at the time of the convention.
    2. She shall have a deep love and devotion to Jesus Christ and be willing to participate in this special program of the LWML.
    3. She must be actively involved in the work of her congregation.
    4. She shall be able to be away from home and/or work for the convention and travel time.
    5.  She must be willing to study the convention material that will be provided.
    6. She shall be willing to attend all sessions of the convention, sitting with the District delegation. She will not be able to vote. 
    7. She shall be willing to actively participate in the special YWR activities at the national LWML convention. 
    8. She shall fill out the application and send it to the District Young Woman Chairman by October 31, the year prior to the convention.
    9. She shall ask for a recommendation from either her pastor or the local LWML society president (or someone who knows her well), calling attention to the due date.
    10. Both the application and recommendation must be postmarked on or before October 31, the year prior to the convention.  



    1. She shall keep an accurate and detailed record of convention and travel expenses.
    2. She will send a report of her impressions and her convention experiences to the District LWML Board of Directors and the society or congregation that nominated her.
    3. She will commit herself to be active in her local, zone and District LWML and encourage other young women to be a part of her experience. 
    4. She will write an article for the Missive (or the district publication) to show the importance of involving young women at the local, zone, district and national levels. 
    5. She shall be willing, if asked, to share her convention experience in person or in writing with youth groups and at LWML district conventions, zone rallies or society meetings.  


    General Information  

    1. Travel and housing arrangements will be made and paid for by the Montana District LWML. The District President will coordinate travel plans and arrangements or may ask the YWR to do so.
    2. The Montana District LWML will pay for meals at the convention and during travel.