District Grants
  • Montana District Application
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  • Reviewing Grants
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    Montana District LWML Grants

    1. Mission grant proposals may be submitted by individual members, societies, zones, the District LWML Board of Directors, and LCMS boards. (See Article IX, Section 2d(2).)

    2. Voting for projects shall be by secret ballot at the District LWML Convention.

    3. Mission grants adopted by convention delegates shall be funded as money becomes available in the Mission Grants Account. These funds shall be distributed when the supervising agency of the grant makes the request to the District LWML President. Responsibility of the LWML ceases when payments have been made.

    4. Funds voted for mission grants must be disbursed or put into use within the biennium in which they were adopted or be transferred to the Mission Grants Account for the next biennium. The Board of Directors may extend the time for one (1) biennium in case of extenuating circumstances.

    5. Reports and pictures of the progress of the work made possible by the mission grants shall be reported at rallies and conventions and may be published in the Montana Missive, the LCMS-MT publication, and other publications.