LWML Local Groups and Individual Members

LWML begins with participation of individual women and groups at the congregational level.


A woman’s involvement in LWML usually begins through the local organization. Local groups:

  • help each woman draw closer to the Lord;
  • encourage and equip women to use their God-given talents in sharing God’s love; and
  • provide opportunities for service within the congregation and for outreach to the community and world.


Membership is available to any woman who is a communicant member of a congregation in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Application, in accordance with the district bylaws for both individual and group membership, is made to the LWML district in which the person or group is located.


Women who are members of a local group affiliated with the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League are members of the LWML. Members of a group may hold elective office and are entitled to full voting privileges at the zone and district levels in accordance with the bylaws of the subordinate organization.


Women in a congregation, with or without a local group, who wish to support the mission and ministry of LWML, but cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend group meetings, may become individual members. Individual Membership Guidelines are available as a free download at LWML district presidents may be contacted for more information. Individual members have the same rights and privileges as members of groups, may serve on committees, and hold elective office at the zone, district, and LWML levels.


The structure taken by an LWML local group depends upon the needs of the women involved. A group may adopt, but is not restricted to, one of the following patterns as its framework. View structure and officer options.


An LWML group will:

  • support the aims of the LWML;
  • fulfill the LWML Mission Statement;
  • promote the Object of the LWML;
  • encourage use of the official LWML publication, the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly;
  • distribute Mite Boxes and gather funds for support of district and LWML mission grants; and
  • be an open, welcoming group that encourages participation and new ideas from all women of the congregation.


LWML mission grants and programs are supported by voluntary offerings, generally contributed through Mite Boxes available from the zone or district, usually at no charge to the group. Mite Boxes also may be ordered free except for the cost of postage by ordering through the “Shop” tab on the LWML website or calling Concordia Publishing House. Mission grants to be funded by LWML at district and national levels are selected by voting delegates to the district and national conventions, respectively. It is essential that the members at all levels of the organization be united in their efforts to meet the commitments made to fund the adopted mission grants.

Each group may choose its own methods of raising funds for other purposes.